Here's where people are moving: suburb vs. city

New Geography demographer Wendell Cox is painstakingly careful in his data analysis of the United States government's riddle-filled American Community Survey.

Here, Cox looks at the recent release of small area data used by the City Sector Model to report on population trends within functional sectors of metropolitan areas. Understand that, and we'll tell you more.

Net, net, Cox's conclusion after combing through the complex filters that capture migration trends down to the time-period and the submarket, is firm and counter-intuitive:

The bottom line , as we have indicated in previous articles, is this: the data shows virtually no “return to the city.” Between 2010 and 2012 the suburbs and exurbs gained 3.5 million residents, while the Urban Cores gained 400,000. The Exurbs alone gained more population than the Urban Core (CBD and Ring combined).

Rumors of suburbs' demise may have been exaggerated.

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