CAMBA (a social services organization) is taking an innovative approach to combating homelessness in New York. Through its HomeBase program, the local social services organization is sending the "You Can" Van into neighborhoods throughout Gotham to reach people on the brink of eviction.

The designers call it a "Trojan van"—something that people will be curious about and approach. "It's designed to draw people in to ask 'You can what?'" she says. "When they get closer, they discover the powerful and effective arsenal of homelessness prevention services within.

Inside, there's a waiting area, two private offices, computers, and Wi-Fi. People can apply for some benefits immediately and get referrals to other services like legal aid. In a year, the van is expected to help 300 families—mostly on struggling blocks in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn—avoid eviction and homelessness.

To pinpoint which neighborhoods to visit with the van, CAMBA used big data to map out pending evictions and what was happening in the housing courts.

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