California workers will see big changes this year as a result of a new law guaranteeing equal pay for equal work and a minimum wage bump to $10 an hour, says Orange County Register contributing columnist Michelle Rafter.

However, other growing trends such as younger workforce, expanded employee benefits and a morphing relationship between employers and workers are just a few of the changes that will impact the workplace this year.

Rafter comments one of the trends that will greatly impact workplace dynamics, the changing demographics:
As more boomers retire, workers ages 18 to 35 have become the largest demographic in the office, some 53.5 million strong. Contrary to popular belief, millennials are no more interested in work that’s interesting or creative than Gen Xers or baby boomers, according to Jean Twenge, author of “Generation Me” and a San Diego State University psychology professor.

“Younger workers would stay put in a job as long as older workers if they were happy,” Twenge said. “They job hop more often because they’re not being paid, promoted or trained as much as they want."

How do you think some of these trends will impact your business?

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