wage gains across different occupations show how some businesses are doing well on the income front.

Consistent job growth is supporting steadier paycheck gains, but raises are uneven and concentrated in high- and low-wage jobs.

Wall Street Journal staffer Eric Morath reports on Labor Department data that shows that average hourly earnings increased by 2.3%, November to November. The issue is that gains on the higher end and the very low end of the spectrum are where the positive traction is, vs. the Average Joe worker in the middle. Morath writes:

Wage gains at the high end and low end of the spectrum are growing well faster than the 4.5% advance for all private-sector workers since November 2013. Meanwhile, typically middle-class jobs such as those in manufacturing, transportation and education and health services are growing at a substandard pace.

The strongest wage gains have occurred in utilities, up 7.7% since November 2013, which is also the highest-paying broad industry group, as categorized by the Labor Department.
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