Stephen Melman of Eye on Housing writes the ten publicy-traded builders of 2015 captured a 25.6% share of new single-family home closings, down from 26.4% in 2014. This share is out of 502,000 new home sales reported by the Census Bureau. The merger of Standard Pacific and Ryland to form CalAtlantic influenced the change in the 2015 composition of the top-ten builders, but it is the combined share of the top five that shrank the most.

The large increase in new home sales to 502,000 in 2015 from 439,000 in 2014 was shared beyond the five largest builders. The top ten builders closed on 128,305 new homes according to their respective 10K filings for 2015.

The companies’ fiscal years vary and do not perfectly align with calendar years, but the comparison was made against their prior year 10K filings for uniformity. Comparing the top ten builders from 2010 through 2015, the top-ten share based on annual SEC 10Ks were, in order, 26.9%, 24.3%, 23.9%, 25.3%, 26.4% and 25.6%.

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