A home Harry Potter would be happy to have.

Get bored as a custom home builder and it may come to this. Dallas Morning News staffer Steve Brown reports on the newest focus point for Dallas area builder Rudy Rivas, whose M. Christopher Homes built some 59 homes in North Texas in 2015, averaging over 4,500 square feet.
Rivas, though, has caught the "tiny" bug big time, and he plans to offer the micro units, either built offsite and trucked in, or site built. Brown writes:
Brad Kittel, who has a company near San Antonio called Tiny Texas Houses, has sold about 75 miniature homes to residents across the state.</i>
<i>His smallest house was only 63 square feet.</i>
<i>“The biggest one was about 340 square feet downstairs with the potential for about 280 square feet more upstairs in the attic,” Kittel said. “I’ve had one as expensive as $160,000 that was very elaborate.”</i>

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