Sam Stebbins and Thomas C. Frohlich of 24/7 Wall St. dive into murder data going all the way back to 1900--and adjust it for population--to report on the states that have seen the most murders by serial killers.

And you'll never guess which state came out on top. Alaska has had the most serial killings per capita out of any state, with a total of 51 such killings since 1900, But the state's small population count skewed the results:

While the 51 total serial killings in Alaska is not an especially high number compared with the rest of the country, adjusted for historical population levels, the state leads the nation with the most serial killings.

According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), serial killers tend to operate in defined geographical areas. 

Coming in second was Nevada, followed by Florida, California, and Washington rounding out the top five. See the full ranks over at 24/7 Wall St.:

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