Regions to watch, from New Geography's Joel Kotkin and Mark Schill

New Geography demography mavens Joel Kotkin and Mark Schill figure that if you look at just eight metrics of growth, you can trend-spot which metro areas are on the up and up over the next 10 years, which will tread water, and which may be sinking. So, they did just that for 53 of the largest metropolitan statistical areas, and here's they're outputs.

Now, prediction is not known to be one of the best skill-sets for human beings, but that doesn't stop a lot of us from doing it, or trying it, anyway. Here's where Kotkin and Schill's crystal ball has taken them:

The results show two divergent kinds of ascendant cities. One is driven by the tech industry, the in-migration of educated people and sharply rising incomes; the other type is what we describe as “opportunity cities,” which tend to have a diverse range of industries, lower costs and larger numbers of families. We may be one country, but the future is being shaped by two very different urban archetypes.

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