Artificial intelligence is the inevitable direction technology is heading, per this report by Fortune staffer Stacey Higginbotham. Companies like Google, Facebook, and IBM are working towards that goal under one name or another. 

However while most focus on the software, its the hardware that is overlooked. The best option is to run new software on graphic processors and Nvidia is producing to graphic accelerators that will help you do just that:

 "...the Tesla M40, which is the powerhouse of the two, and is capable of delivering an incredible amount of performance for researchers trying to train their own neural networks. The second module is the Tesla M4, which is the first-ever low-power graphics processor from Nvidia, and is designed to fit into the servers of companies like Google, Facebook, or Amazon who need to deliver super fast results from an AI."

To learn more about Artificial Intelligence and the technology that will accompany it, head over to Fortune:

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