Raleigh, N.C., rocks for men with a craving for fitness.

Men's Health contributor K. Aleisha Fetters looks at cities through the filter of the fitness, the food, and the perks, and, with the Men's Health research team, develops a ratings system around 32 data points.

The good news for Detroit--the 100th (and lowest) ranking city in this listical--is that there's nowhere to go but up. Raleigh, N.C., gets the highest props. Here's a look at the top 10 places for men who want to be fit and happy (not fat and happy).

  1. Raleigh, NC 
  2. San Jose, CA 
  3. Madison, WI 
  4. Anaheim, CA 
  5. Burlington, VT 
  6. Plano, TX 
  7. Austin, TX 
  8. Charlotte, NC 
  9. San Diego, CA 
  10. Aurora, CO
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