AIA Architect's Kermit Baker and Jennifer Riskus offer analysis ​of what are predicted to be the decade's most prominent residential design trends in terms of home layouts, products, features, and systems, as well as neighborhood and community design.

The predictions, which were laid out​ by leading residential architecture firms in the AIA's Home Design Trends Survey, identify​ a growing popularity of universal design, attention to a healthy living environment,  infill development, and the kitchen's shifting role toward becoming a home's central space​. Additionally, the survey found that the prominence of open-space layouts are pushing rooms toward becoming less defined and increasingly multi-functional.

Lifestyles have become more informal, and homes are reflecting this. Formal living rooms and dining rooms are disappearing, replaced by great rooms, dens, and open-space layouts. With this movement to informality has been growth in outdoor living. While initially decks, patios, and outdoor grills were the focus, this trend has expanded to outdoor kitchens and even fully furnished outdoor rooms.

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