Under Senate Bill 1069, Sacramento officials plan to change their city's rules and relax restrictions on secondary units.

California’s recently-approved Senate Bill 1069, which relaxes the restrictions based on secondary units built on single-family lots, is set to go into effect on January 2017. As of this January, city officials in the state of California can no longer deny a “granny flat” on the basis of parking, or require a utility hookup for the home.

Existing rules state that property owners who wish to construct a second unit must submit an application to the community development department, along with an application fee of $291.60. Under new state law, these applications must be approved or denied within 90 days.

As Senate Bill 1069 moved through the Legislature this year, the city of Sacramento, along with other municipalities across the state, raised concerns that the law would erode local control and change the character of some neighborhoods. With the law now approved, officials say they understand the motivation and will change the city’s rules accordingly.

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