Lance Fung's Woodside Cabin, (Woodside, Calif.)

From Fredericksburg, Va., to Notting Hill, London, to Schloss Ramholz, a castle near Frankfurt, Ger., this showcase of fireplaces offers an ideal idea to fit nearly any style or sensibility.

Simplicity, elegance, form and function, fireplaces become a real memory point for the homes. What's more, you'll get ideas on great rooms, kitchens, even garages as the place to situate the fireplace. Here's a quick example:

Framed by two stained-glass windows, this antique-marble fireplace is part of the ‘Green Room,’ a whimsical sitting room in a cabin in Woodside, Calif.‘Curator Lance Fung’s Woodside Cabin.’ Photo: DREW KELLY FOR THE WALL STREET JOURNAL

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