Fastest growth among venture capital deals.

Forbes contributor Joan Siefert Rose explores the nature of a flourishing innovative and entrepreneurial urban culture through the lens of the studies of CityLab's Richard Florida and Mattermark writer Jason Rowley.
Florida's focus is on global metro areas whose ethos and composition blend to an urban social cocktail of density, great universities, and an open-minded culture, which blend to attract the best talent. Rowley looks at where the angel investment capital has flowed, checked it for growth, and found that a tier of non-usual suspects has emerged as worthy options to consider for Silicon Valley refugees. Siefert Rose writes of a specific case to illustrate her point:
These two studies provide more evidence that attracting venture capital is largely the result of having highly educated people, who can choose to live anywhere in the world, decide to live in your town, and in sufficient numbers to make a difference.</i>

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