As the home becomes smarter, there's one piece of technology retailers are pushing to enter the home: "refill" buttons.

Amazon came out with their Dash button nearly a year ago. It allows users to simply click the button above their washer, link to the homeowner's Amazon account, and in a few days time, laundry detergent would show up at their doorstep. But as you'd imagine, there a couple of problems, writes TechCrunch writer Oren Levy.

Many of these smart systems rely on Internet connection, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth to place and pay for orders. Several questions arise, like what happens if the Internet is down, your Wi-Fi is iffy or your Bluetooth isn’t working?

Say your appliance placed an order but didn’t have the chance to complete the payment — does your appliance remember that? What if the system fails in the middle of the payment process? How do you know if the payment actually went through? Will the appliance stop washing dishes or doing laundry because it is connected to external systems that are currently disabled?

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