Early retirement calculator

Zillow data scientist Matthew Fix shows that when you eat, sleep, and breathe real estate data, you can start confabulating in some wild ways. But, for hypothesis sake, he proposes a thought problem.

What if an exceptionally bright and talented and enterprising and lucky person came out of school, got a great job in one of the tech hubs, and worked for a few years? What if that individual, after, say seven or eight years, decides that the tech world is all good, but that it's time to slow down and enjoy life. Retire, say.

Here, Fix says, is what the numbers look like, and how they add up.

Our young tech worker willing live on a frugal budget, save money and purchase a home with cash upon retirement in one of these cheaper locations could likely accumulate enough in retirement savings to leave the workforce decades ahead of her peers – perhaps even before the age of 40!

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