Millennials have amassed more than $1.3 trillion in college loans, but are now in the workforce earning money of their own. Meaghan Carlson, of TechCrunch, explores how those millennials will invest their money in the coming years, once all that debt is paid off.

Carlson calls millennials the best-educated and most diverse generation in America. Their tech know-how and thriftiness will be the biggest influencers of how they invest their estimated $2 trillion in liquid assets in the years to come.

Once their debts are paid, millennials may look toward online equity funding. Once Title IV of the JOBS Act goes into effect, anyone will be able to invest in an early stage company via equity funding, and millennials will be a likely target. However, for now, most platforms are only open to accredited investors — people worth more than $1 million, or making more than $200,000 per year.

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