Fast Company's John Brownlee takes a look at architect Leo Qvarsebo's sloping isosceles of a summer home, Qvaresebo Summerhouse. 

Designed in a triangular shape to provide unobstructed views of an idyllic vista in Dalerna, the architect has dubbed the house an adult treehouse, due to its playful design. Large windows  frame the the landscape on three floors, while the front of the building opens up to a great terrace.

Qvarsebo says that despite the fact it isn't very close to any trees, he thinks of it as a treehouse for adults. As such, there's a rope connected to the peak of the roof, so he and his kids can scale the facade. Even inside, though, climbing the home's central staircase is meant to feel like a treehouse.

"The climb to the top is via several levels and offers both views and privacy," he says. "From each level of the house you can see up to the next, creating a curiosity to continue to climb and once you're up, the view is breathtaking."

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