Custom Home's Leah Demirjian shares a curated list of gift ideas for each recipient on your list, from clients to colleagues. Whether they may fall in the digital, hands-on, or technical category, the following products provided by BUILDER's sister publication can help guide to some coveted and worthwhile gadgets.

One hot item that has peaked the curiosity of many in the design industry is Apple's new Pencil accessory. Best when combined with the (also new) iPad Pro, the duo have been dubbed a "game changer" for creative professionals. 

Jonathan Ive and the Apple design team exchanged their notepads for the new iPad Pro following the release of the brand’s new Apple Pencil accessory, which features an ultra-sensitive nib that can highlight a single pixel and is designed to precisely replicate real-life paintbrush, pencil, and pen strokes. the larger, 12.9” iPad Pro is a sound investment for architects and builders, toting improved graphics and designer-friendly apps—such as Morpholio Board, which allows creative professionals to seamlessly brainstorm and build custom layouts across a shared network.

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