Home design's zenith... the 16 best ideas for 2015.

Fast Company writer Diana Budds rounds up 16 of the year's best innovations in residential design, such as Tylko, the Yves Behar–backed startup that allows users the ability to customize furniture, storage solutions, and more through a specialized smartphone app. 

More top design concepts from 2015 include IKEA's reissue of 26 mid-century modern pieces, and Campaign's flat-pack modern sofas that can be easily shipped anywhere in the world. Campaign, which was founded by ex-Apple engineer Brad Sewell, claims their couches can be assembled and dissembled in under two minutes. Similarly, Brooklyn-based furniture company Rock Paper Robot offers tables and chairs that fold flat in the blink of an eye.

Buying and building furniture can be maddening at best; a relationship killer at worst. Some of the best design concepts we saw this year attempted to streamline those logistics so you spend more time perusing your shelves and less time assembling them.

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