Team of nurses and doctors
Steve Hix/Fuse Team of nurses and doctors

In a post for SpareFoot Blog, Alexander Harris reveals the nation's top 10 cities for registered nurses. The United States has over 3 million nurses, and the aging baby boomer demographic is creating a stronger demand for health care workers. 

These 10 metros have the strongest demand in the job market for registered nurses, based on data from job listing site Indeed. In combination with median rent, home price information, and average salaries of nurses, SpareFoot found the best cities for nurses in today's job market. 

Houston came in at the top of the list, ranking first in each of the categories that SpareFoot examined. It has the largest share of nursing jobs at 14.6%, along with the highest salary and most affordable housing options. 

Houston was followed by Tulsa, Okla., for it's affordable housing options, Dallas which ranked third for both annual rent as a percentage of income (15.3%) and for salary as a percentage of home price (47.3%), Seattle with an average salary of $74,000, and San Antonio and in the top five spots. 

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