Sixty-eight percent of U.S. adults have a smart phone, while 45% have tablets according to a new Pew Research survey.

While smartphone ownership is near the saturation point with some demographics, the adoption of other devices (e-readers, MP3 players, etc.) has slowed or declined. With smartphones coming to prominence, younger adults possibly no longer felt the need for other devices. 

Among those ages 18-29, ownership of MP3 players and computers has declined by double digits in the past five years. In 2010, three-quarters of 18- to 29-year-olds owned an MP3 player; by 2015, only half (51%) had one ... There is a similar pattern with computer ownership. Today, 78% of adults under 30 own a laptop or desktop computer, compared with 88% who did so in 2010. 

... device usage has notable social and cultural implications, and there are sometimes important political and macroeconomic consequences to the way people use their gadgets. For instance, every major media industry – those built around video, audio and text – has been disrupted by these devices."

Head over to Pew Research Center to learn more about the rise of smart phone/tablet ownership and it's societal implications: 

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