Dice heat-maps best paid tech jobs.

Follow the money. Tech workers, and their associated demand for consumer goods, durables, and homes will flow where the money is, which is usually where the profits, the talent community, and the "next big thing" in the fast-moving-target world of work in technology.

Here, Forbes staffer Kathryn Dill mines the rich data veins of Dice, a tech job site, who takes a look at the state of tech industry compensation to determine how much professionals are earning and which regions are yielding the healthiest paychecks. Dill writes:

In its natural spot at the top of the list is Silicon Valley, where tech professionals earned an average salary of $118,243 in 2015, up 5% over the previous year. New York comes in second, with salaries averaging $106,263 and rising–up 11% since 2014.

Sing with me now, "Mama, please make your children grow up to be techies! ...."

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