Tech media controls the flow of information.

Joel Kotkin doesn't bandy about with his demographic analysis. He's had enough of mere observations of people patterns, the ebb and flow of household formations, and the glacial progress of populations across the millennia. No, Kotkin's analytics are purpose-driven these days, with ideologies and economic theories coursing through them.

Which doesn't make his demographic insight any less valid, nor illuminating. Here, Kotkin's focus is on what we're to infer is an ever more scary domination of information content and distribution by "oligarchs" of Silicon Valley. Kotkin writes:

This transition is being driven by the enormous concentration of wealth in a few hands, based mostly in metropolitan Seattle and Silicon Valley. In 2014, the media-tech sector accounted for five of the 10 wealthiest Americans. More important still, virtually all self-made billionaires under age 40 are techies. They are in a unique position to dominate discourse in America for decades to come.

In recent years, like Skynet in the “Terminator” series, the oligarchs have become increasingly aware of their latent power to shape both the news media and the political future.
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