CNN/Money's Jeanne Sahadi reports on the small but growing trend of companies taking telecommuting to the extreme and going with an all-remote workforce.

Nationally, just 4.5% of all workers telecommute each and every day, but now, some corporations are dipping their toes into the water into shifting a larger amount of its staff from the office to their homes--in some companies, whole divisions are telecommuting. There are quite a few benefits to this approach:

Those who run remote-work companies say letting everyone work where they want helps them recruit the best talent from anywhere in the country, if not the world ... It can be a cost saver, too, since there's much less overhead. No headquarters, no rent ... Plus, it can be a lot easier to clearly assess employee performance.

"In an office it's easy to look busy at a desk and be a nice person. Online, you have to get your work done," said Aaron Bright, CEO of Hippo Education, which produces educational videos and podcasts for doctors.

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