innovations in housing from around the globe.

One of Fast Company's content pros, Adele Peters, scans the 2015 housing innovation-scape for signs--subtle and dramatic--of an increasingly realistic bridge between housing economics and environmental stewardship.

Across eight fab projects that feature bold design and progressive function, Peters looks at some of the best there is happening in efforts to close up the abyss that separates the practical world of affordability and the realities of the need for resilience, or access to critical streams of resources, such as water, warmth, comfort, and air.

What's different now, Peters says, is that although real estate may be local, ideas for what and how to build are truly global. She writes:

To make use of temporarily vacant land in cities, Dutch developers are testing tiny solar-powered apartments that can be built in a day and later moved. In a U.S., another startup is testing ultra-efficient apartments that fit on otherwise unbuildable lots and then come with you if you need to move to another city.

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