Liz Kelley, 48, is a high school teacher from Missouri and while most undergraduates leave college with about $30,000 in debt, she currently owes the government $410,000 and counting. The New York Time's Kevin Carey reports on Kelley's story the debt issue facing America's students. 

The story of Kelley begins with her attending college in 1990 as a married mother and follows her as she gain mountains of debt as an undergrad and graduate student. Through her story, this risks of borrowing become clear: 

But there’s a reason debt is often grouped with sins and frailties in ancient moral codes. Borrowing is risky, financial decisions are not always rational, and people often do a poor job of properly weighing the interests of their present and future selves.

To learn more about the precautionary story of Liz Kelley and student debt in America, head over to The New York Times.

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