ARCHITECT's Hallie Busta takes a look at Splacer, an event-space sharing service that allows users access to a list of top-tier rentable real estate, including homes, offices, and galleries, all curated with an eye toward design. The service, which launched in Tel Aviv in 2014, hit New York this past summer, with plans to expand to San Francisco next. 

Splacer's co-founders, Lihi Gerstner and Adi Biran, say their concept arose from converging trends like dominance of sharing services (such as Airbnb and Uber), a new market appreciation for versatile and multi-use spaces, and the fluctuating value of real estate in major metropolitan cities.

“When we started we needed to actively search for spaces and today, people with amazing spaces are approaching us,” Biran says. “It’s become easier and faster. One thing that was surprising for us was to see how many people are interested in taking part in this community and providing access and it’s not always about earning money. Many times it’s because they believe in this or they want to expose their space or they like the synergy of people using their space.”

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