The Dallas Morning News' Valerie Wigglesworth takes a look at the issues brewing with some of the residents in Frisco Lakes, a Del Webb community developed by Pulte. The issue stems from "phase-envy"--newer residents believe earlier phases were superior to what they got.

Residents Jerry and Diana Gutheinz, were sold when they saw the "lush" look of the neighborhoods by the sales office. But after their neighborhood was built last year they noticed fewer trees and no walking trails in the green space. This led to a complaint to the homeowners association culminating in a proposal:

The proposal addresses one of the residents’ main issues, the shortage of street trees. The 2007 planned development specified they would be every 35 feet, a practice that was abandoned by Pulte in recent years in favor of one tree per lot.

... A spokeswoman for Pulte said the overwhelming majority of residents there are “very happy” with the Frisco Lakes by Del Webb community.

“If anything, Del Webb has gone above and beyond what was promised to homeowners, exceeding the trails originally planned for the community, and building an additional $4.5 million amenity center with pickleball, outdoor pool, garden, library, and more,” Jacque Petroulakis said in an email.
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