GTM Research rankings of PV rooftop solar installers, 2013.

The five leading US residential rooftop solar installers account for more than half of all residential solar installations between Q1 and Q3 of this year. But SolarCity has claimed the lion's share of this market pie, reporting 34%.

CleanTechnica contributor Glenn Meyers taps GTM Research data for his analysis of the top players in the category, which for the third consecutive year grew 50% in the U.S. residential market. Meyers writes:

The residential market is also expected to profit from the extension of the ITC tax credit for solar beyond 2022, with the current 30% level remaining until 2019. The ITC had been scheduled to close at the end of 2016 for residential systems with larger projects dropping from the current 30% level to 10%.

GTM Research expects the competitive landscape for this industry will continue evolving, pointing to new market entrants, acquisitions, and changing consumer finance options.

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