The U.S. Energy Information Administration says solar power will be the country’s fastest-growing source of energy this year, with an additional 9 gigawatts of capacity built, reports Melvin Backman of Quartz.

Of the additional 9 gigawatts, California will be responsible for nearly half – 3.9 gigawatts. But while solar production may be the fastest-growing energy source in 2016, it still makes up a very small portion of overall US energy production.

In 2015, solar produced 39 gigawatts of energy in the U.S. Coal topped the list with 1,356 gigawatts, followed by natural gas (1,335 gigawatts), and nuclear (797 gigawatts).

U.S. energy production will still be getting greener. The second-fastest growth area by capacity, natural gas, will likely continue a trend years in the making. Natural gas likely will produce more energy than coal annually for the first time this year.

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