Solar City plans exit from Nevada and layoffs as PUC reduces net metering rates.

SolarCity said Wednesday it is eliminating more than 550 jobs in Nevada as it continues a campaign against new, government-mandated solar metering rates.

The move signals an escalation in the competing interests of solar power's relative newcomers to the energy ecosystem and the entrenched, politically hard-wired public utility and grid players. Wall Street Journal staffer Austen Hufford does the reporting on the Solar City salvo after Nevada announced that solar-panel home users would receive whole-sale vs. retail payments for their home-generated power, and would also pay higher monthly service charges.

An argument in the debate is that officials say they don't want to have solar energy company interests subsidized by all tax payers [at the expense of the utility companies whose interests are subsidized by all tax payers].

Logical? You decide. Hufford writes:

The commission estimates that nonsolar energy customers are paying hundreds of dollars annually in higher costs to subsidize solar-energy rates. The commission said the lower rates and higher costs for solar energy will help eliminate the subsidy by 2020.

That way, only the subsidies supporting old-line grid companies would be in place.

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