chief economist Jonathan Smoke chief economist Jonathan Smoke tosses his DJ Smokey Smoke hat in the ring, declaring his candidacy for the nation's highest office, with a platform that seeks to elevate housing to a higher priority among national policy agendas.

The substance of Smoke's attempt to kindle support focuses on four economic "governors" that currently weigh on housing's recovery: immigration reform, financial reform, local regulation, and affordable housing aid.

Writes Smoke in his declaration statement:

The challenges facing housing cannot be solved with market forces alone. Nor will they be solved with a single policy or action at the federal level alone. But we can address these issues if we’re willing to make housing a top priority

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, who is campaigning for nomination by the Republican Party, said last week of housing that "it's not a sexy issue, it depresses people." Hat tip here to HousingWire staffer Ben Lane.

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