Wearable technology continues to make hay in the CES sunshine.
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While we are still waiting for many technological breakthroughs, 2016 will be a year in which there are developments. MarketWatch staffer Jennifer Booton reports on six of the technological trends that she predicts will rule in 2016. 

One of the trends which she believes will continue to rule is wearables. She points out that 33 companies will be showing off their wearables at CES this year (nearly triple the 12 from 2015) and how this form of technology will only continue to improve:

Soon, these devices will be able to connect directly to the Internet, without needing to tether to a third-party mobile device. This will help set the stage for embeddable wearables, such as

 Chaotic Moon’s biometric tattoo, or tech tats, which attach to the skin much like a temporary tattoo.

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