Shipping containers seem to be the latest fad in housing as the tiny house movement grows, but there's indication these modules are much more useful than previously thought.

Most cities have a lot of land that they're planning to use eventually, but will remain stagnant for 10 or 20 years before plans for a new subway or retail center are passed. Michael Plesner of CPH Containers wants to put that land to use by creating shipping container villages for students in Denmark that can be easily moved to a new location when the city moves forward with a land development plan

CPH Containers is working with Copenhagen to get the permits to build, and change zoning laws that weren't designed for temporary neighborhoods. Though it's been challenging, they say it looks like they'll get approval, and investors are ready to finance the project.

Eventually, they plan to offer a kit that can be used anywhere. "I think our ideal scenario is kind of an IKEA concept, where we can premake most of the house, the essential part, and then just ship it to wherever you need it," Plesner says. "At that site, you can have local labor assemble it following these intuitive, IKEA-like steps. We want to make a model where we can actually create local employment as we export these."

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