Women have made significant contributions to the construction industry, although they are still significantly outnumbered by men. More and more women are entering the community, bringing a new voice to the table, and joining the ranks of overachievers and par performers. Construction Dive staffer Kim Slowey engages with seven women who are successful leaders in the construction field around recruitment and gender. Each offers an inspiring and compelling perspective on a more gender-diverse workforce. Slowey writes,

Lina Gottesman, president and founder of Altus Metal, Marble and Wood in New York, said, "If you can show your ability and knowledge on technical field procedures, men begin to respect you as a colleague or equal tradesperson... The key to success as a woman in construction is to be significantly more knowledgeable than your male peers."

Guerrero-McDonald, of Guerrero-McDonald & Associates in Austin, Texas, added, "If a woman in construction doesn’t know the process — critical path, industry standards, etc. — then she would be out of her element with men who do know and expect any leader in the industry to know and understand it. Interruption of the process costs them money."

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