Micro units in NYC.

Is the big idea in tiny apartments that they may be a key to stoking more affordable for-rent supply, and allowing urban downtowns to sustain more diverse economic resident bases?

That's what this Dezeen Daily piece suggests, or rather, suggests that nightclub maestro cum hotelier cum condo mogul Ian Schrager suggests. Dezeen quotes one-time principal of the one-time iconic New York nightclub Studio 54 as seeing micro units as a city's way to retain a more diverse population and income-bracket mix:

"Not having diversity in cities is a bad thing," he [Schrager] said. "And it just being rich people is not a good thing."

He added: "I think an area gentrifying and having some rich people is fine, as long as the area has diversity. It is a diversity that brings the energy, and brings the greatness to a city. I think that's an issue."

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