Global building products manufacturer Schneider Electric has introduced its first wireless home thermostat, the Wiser Air model, which empowers homeowners with complete, on-the-go home climate control that maximizes energy efficiency.  

Notable features include Comfort Boost, which provides 15 to 60 minutes of on-demand heating or cooling at the touch of a button and Wiser Forecast, Schneider Electric’s weather intelligence technology that provides the accurate forecasts.  This same weather intelligence is used by leading utilities, major airlines, and sports and entertainment venues, and now is available to homeowners through this exclusive offering, says the firm.

Wiser Air has many of the bells and whistles of its competitors, including Nest, ecobee and Honeywell, according to Green Tech Media staffer Katherine Tweed. Starting in 2016, the Wiser will also be equipped with an algorithm-based feature called EcoIQ that can discern the patterns of the home and its residents and adjust accordingly. 

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