To handle San Francisco’s growing population, some developers say the city needs about 150,000 more units to house everyone, which is a scary realization, writes New Geography staffer Tim Redmond, citing analysis by Greg Ferenstein of The Ferenstein Wire.

Ferenstein says that the 150,000 needed units would be mostly high-rises concentrated in the Eastern, Downtown, and mid-market areas, while every block in the entire city would need at least one seven-story building. He writes that the city would become similar to Manhattan or Paris.

But building the housing isn’t the only concern. It’s not just “how to we build that much housing.” It’s how do we build maybe $20 billion or more worth of transportation capacity to handle that density. Manhattan has a citywide underground transit system with high capacity and no surface traffic issues. San Francisco doesn’t, and won’t, as long as we can’t raise property taxes and refuse to charge developers for the cost of that new system.

To see some more mockups of what San Francisco might look like with 150,000 additional units, click below.

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