Quartz staffer Kate Groetzinger takes a look at BedEx—a refurbished FedEx van home that is renting for just $600 a month. Considering that grossly inflated rents on a one-bedroom apartment are currently averaging $3,670 (up 9% from last year), some San Franciscans may call this a steal.

The truck's "landlord," John D. Storey, originally revamped the retired delivery vehicle with wood floors, a kitchenette, and a futon for himself, but decided to rent it out after landing a job in Provo, Utah. Its most recent tenant, a San Francisco State University student named Cinthia, has recently a moved out, putting BedEx back on the market. 

Cinthia is hardly the first to rough it in a truck in San Francisco. Almost 300 people live in vehicles in the city, according to the city’s most recent homeless count. Lately, Bay Area white-collar workers have also started opting for alternative living situations, such as a VW bus and a moving truck parked in the parking lot of Google.

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