San Francisco rents have gone ballistic.

In San Francisco, the refrain "the rents' too damned high" has reached the realm of the absurd. Both rents and home prices--in the context of the monthly outlay payment power of normal people making normal wages--have decoupled from the freight train of sane supply and demand models. People get by by doubling, tripling, quadrupling up.

Or else, as New York Times staffer David Streitfeld reports, they get hurled out of their places on their butts, evicted, which is a trend in the making in the Bay Area.

The housing spiral has gotten so wacky that locals are starting to entreat the gods of local economics to shock the area back into reality, taking a good gust of wind out of the sails of the tech companies who've been fueling the surge in high-paying jobs for educated young people, exactly the cohort any other city would go to almost any length to lure into its local precincts. Streitfeld writes:

“It scares me to want to damage the economy of the Bay Area in any way — you’ve got to be careful what you wish for, right?” But I think we need a moratorium on the things that benefit the few,” Ms. [Jilanne] Hoffmann [ a local parent] said. “If only there were some way to prevent the haves from having it all.”

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