WIRED staffer Tim Moynihan shares details of Samsung's newly-branded, flagship "SUHD"​ 4K TVs, which the company unveiled today at CES 2016.

Looking beyond its sleek and slim aesthetics, the device sets the stage for the future of television. Capable of serving as a control center for the connected home, the fresh KS9500 model supports ​console-level (yet console-free) gaming, various smart home technologies, and features ​ a quantum-dot enhanced, ultra-bright display. 

During a demo, Samsung showed how the set could be used to set up and control lighting schemes and be used as a big-screen baby monitor. It’s not just a fancy way to turn off a light or see who’s at the door from your couch, as you can group several IoT devices together and create “mood” schemes with one click.

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