Robots are slowly learning to do skills that will replace human workers in some fields. In fact, analysts from the research firm Gartner believe by 2030, 90% of jobs we know will be replaced by smart machines, according to The Wall Street Journal. 

The Journal's James R. Haggerty takes a look at the matriculation of robots into the workforce, first looking at the robots used for sewing designed by SoftWear Automation. Haggerty finds that while technology is advancing, robots are still limited in their abilities and humans will still be necessary to do more dexterous and creative tasks:

Given the technological limitations, an increasingly popular approach is to make collaborative robots that work alongside people. The robots do the parts of a task requiring strength and precision, while people supply finesse in fitting things together and common sense in solving unforeseen problems.

Head over to The Wall Street Journal to learn more about the integration of machines into the workplace.

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