From our sibling, Remodeling, at Hanley Wood:

The nation's biggest remodeling, home improvement, and insurance restoration firms did a combined $4.22 billion worth of remodeling work in 2015, results from the soon-to-be-released Remodeling 550 show.

REMODELING's annual list of the largest firms also reveals distinctly different views about 2016 sales. The 150 replacement contractors on our list predict they'll rack up 27.2% more revenue from remodeling work this year, totaling $3.03 billion compared with 2015's $2.38 billion.

In contrast, the 445 full-service firms predicted only 4.9% revenue growth, to $1.54 billion from $1.47 billion. For the 100 biggest companies, the forecast was for just 1.3% growth. Design/build firms predicted the least revenue growth this year, forecasting just a 2.5% increase. Meanwhile, the general contractors said their sales for 2016 should show a 7.6% improvement from 2015. K+B businesses were a comparative rocket, predicting an 18.7% gain.

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