The Federal Trade Commision (FTC) is claiming JCPenney; Bed, Bath & Beyond; Nordstrom; and are "bamboozling" their consumers with fake bamboo products. 

It turns out bamboo is the basic source of rayon, a fiber commonly found in fabrics. While bamboo is technically the source, it goes through such a process to become a fiber that it no longer can be labeled as bamboo. That's the core of the FTC's case against these major retailers claiming products like socks are "made from bamboo fibers." 

So-called greenwashing cases have become common recently, with marketers looking for ways to appeal to the 71% of Americans who say they keep an eye out for green products when they shop. When looking at products to include in your sustainable homes, verify the source of green products to ensure you give your consumers the quality they're asking for. 

"False 'bamboo' claims are a significant problem for consumers who care about buying environmentally friendly products," FTC Bureau of Consumer Protection attorney Korin Felix said, "and the FTC will remain vigilant and will take appropriate actions to protect all consumers from deceptive 'bamboo' claims." 

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