Renters by choice intend to stay that way

A Freddie Mac survey spotlights a potential home buyer pool among current renters, but also sheds light on people--especially older adults--who prefer renting, are satisfied renting, and plan to keep it that way.

Financial reasons, i.e. the lack of capacity to afford it, are the leading reasons people give for renting vs. buying, but even among Baby Boomers financially capable of choosing to own, there are renters by choice. Almost one in four Baby Boom renters would say "I have no interest in ever owning a home."

Net, net, it's millennial renters who show the greatest propensity to switch to ownership over the next three years.

Of interest here, is a batch of insights vis a vis single-family renters broken down demographically, and there's a regional filter for the data as well.

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