The team over at Business Insider examined info on 2,754 municipalities--weighing public school ratings, commute times, median household income, poverty and crime stats--to determine America's 50 best suburbs.

The study looked at suburbs with populations between 5,000 and 100,000, and which are located about 25 miles from a metropolitan area. 

New Albany, Ohio, a 21-minute drive from Columbus, took the top honors, with its high median household income and over 600 acres of parkland and green spaces. It was followed by Mountain Brook, Ala., Ladue, Miss.; University Park, Texas, and tony Atherton, Calif.

But if there was a common thread among the top 50, it was the heartland:

Our list was dominated by the Midwest, or more specifically by Ohio suburbs. This is likely due to several factors, most notably a reasonable cost of living.

You can view the full list as one page here, or follow on to a slideshow: 
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