Steven Hill, author of "Raw Deal: How the Uber Economy and Runaway Capitalism are Screwing American Workers," lives in San Francisco, one of the nation's costliest housing markets, to say the least.

So he has a front-row seat to view the effects that businesses like Airbnb are having on the economy and the population, and he wonders whether we've considered all of the implications of the gig economy.

With Airbnb, for example, many people are complaining about being evicted by landlords and property managers who want to clear their building and turn them into Airbnb hotels. But Airbnb is putting forward as the face of its business model so-called regular people renting out spare rooms.

So seeing that gap between what Airbnb is saying it is, and what the actual impact is to many people—that, to me, was the first clue that there’s a lot more here we need to look into.

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