From BUILDER's sibling at Hanley Wood, ProSales:

Dealers differ markedly these days in how quickly they're getting paid and what they have to do to collect on bills, results from a new survey by ProSales show.

On the surface, things look placid: The average DSO for the respondents was 41.75 days in January through June of this year, up marginally from the group's average of 41.37 days for all of 2015. Likewise, two-thirds of respondents said the percentage of lien filings hadn't changed.

But when asked whether conditions had changed among accounts that are at least 60 days past due, 13.2% reported an increase in the number of such accounts and 18.3% said the number of dollars overdue had grown. On the other hand, 30.2% said they were seeing fewer accounts past due at least 60 days, and 27.8% said the dollars due had fallen.

"We are more forgiving than the bank," one dealer quipped.

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