Dezeen's Jessica Mairs reports French architect Jean Paul Viguier's design for a 182,986-square-foot trio of timber-framed towers has been selected as the winner of a design competition in Bordeaux.

The scheme's central, 18-story structure, dotted with plant-filled balconies, proposes the world's tallest modern timber-framed building. Dubbed Hyperion, the $45 million housing and office complex will create 82 apartments.

The tallest block will have a concrete core containing the lifts and stairs, but be surrounded by a wooden post-and-beam structure. Floors and walls will be made from cross-laminated timber (CLT) – a type of engineered wood that provides greater strength than traditional timber. The huge wooden structure will be prefabricated in a workshop to allow for quick and easy assembly on site. The wooden walls will allow homes to be easily expanded or contracted in the future.

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